Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to Buy?


Bowers Capital Advisors provides advisory services that help companies and investors pursue accretive acquisition-led growth strategies. We assist each client in defining the key attributes of ideal acquisition prospects that add the most value. Using this criterion, we exhaustively search trade show lists and buyer's guides, perform extensive Internet research, screen proprietary databases, examine trade association rosters and reach out to our network of industry professionals to identify potential candidates that meet our goals.


After presenting the potential acquisition list to our client for their approval, we work tirelessly through a thoughtful and persistent mailing, calling, and emailing campaign to reach each decision-maker and explore their interest in a sale to our client. In addition to identifying and screening candidates, we assist our clients in analyzing financial and operating performance, preparing detailed valuation analyses, managing due diligence and structuring & negotiating each buy-side transaction.

Typical Buy Side Process


  • First and foremost, we develop an understanding of your business

  • Identify and approach potential targets

  • Coordinate and supervise the due diligence process

  • Review all due diligence materials, including financial, marketing, operational, and strategic information of the target

  • Perform financial analysis and projection modeling

  • Prepare a valuation analysis of the target

  • Evaluate potential synergies between the target and the affiliated acquiring firm (if applicable)

  • Coordinate and participate in site visits to the target’s facilities

  • Assist in developing an acquisition strategy and structure

  • Explore and evaluate acquisition financing options

  • Coordinate with other advisors

  • Assist in preparing a Letter of Intent

  • Assist in reviewing, structuring, negotiating, and executing all agreements with target

  • Assist in successfully closing the transaction

Looking to Sell?
We know how to maximize your benefits.


Our professionals keenly understand that the sale of a business is one of the most important decisions an owner can make for them, their families, their employees and their customers. For maximum benefits, we advise companies and investors on after-tax sale proceeds, assist each client to understand the value of their business and how to highlight to the potential buyer cost savings, cross-selling opportunities, growth prospects and barriers to entry.


We work collaboratively with our clients to present adjusted historical results and prepare forward-looking projections. Keeping in mind the current market conditions including public stock prices, financing availability, and overall economic conditions & outlook, we carefully assess the timing of the sale as well.

To make it easier on the buyer, we draft a comprehensive and legible information memorandum that explains the past, but sells the future. We scrutinize potential buyers to ensure the proper selection of financial and strategic partners, including less obvious candidates that may only be identified based on a thorough understanding of potential synergies and value-drivers. As expert negotiators, we remain focused on the critical elements of a deal and utilize a tax-efficient transaction structure.

Typical Sell Side Process

  • Conduct internal due diligence to familiarize ourselves with the Company

  • Prepare an investor presentation detailing the highlights of the Company

  • Prepare a detailed financial model and establish valuation expectations

  • Prepare a data room containing Company documents and key details, which will be shared with select potential acquirers under NDA

  • Identify and reach out to those likely to be interested in exploring an acquisition

  • Coordinate introductory calls & meetings, and collect preliminary bids

  • Negotiate with potential acquirers to secure favorable offers

  • Assist in evaluating offers and select the best available

  • Coordinate with legal & accounting advisors

  • Assist in reviewing, structuring, negotiating, and executing all agreements with acquirer

  • Assist in successfully closing the transaction