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Why You Should Hire BCA to Serve as Your Merger & Acquisition Advisor

Did You Know?

Statistically, an experienced M&A advisor will get you more money - 6% to 25% more, according to research. Having an M&A advisor shows buyers you are a serious seller. As a result, this factor can drive up your valuation resulting in more favorable terms. Experienced M&A advisors also know how to value a company properly. Research shows 84% of mid-market business owners who hired an M&A advisor reported a final sale price equal to or higher than the initial estimate.

Merger & Acquisition: What to Expect

At BCA, our team of experienced Merger & Acquisition professionals will:

  • Produce and organize data and documentation dating back a decade, including financials, vendors, contracts, and more.

  • Determine the value of your business so that you can price it appropriately. We can maximize your business value, laying the groundwork to get you what you want.

  • Identify and vet potential buyers, which includes phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings.

  • Create a competitive bidding landscape to keep negotiations underway while providing you with peace of mind that things are moving forward and on the right track.

  • Negotiate the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) and final Agreements with favorable tax strategies

Let the Professionals Handle It

Selling your business requires focus. Your focus should be on continuing to run a successful business. Let a professional, experienced M&A advisor handle the details of selling your company. We will identify the right buyer, handle all the tedious details, and help you develop an exit strategy